How Rewarding Is That?


Don’t feel like proceeding with a mundane task?  Trying to make continued progress on something but need more motivation and incentive?  Deciding which business establishment to patronize as a customer?

Gamification seems a trend or practice embraced by many to integrate fun, excitement, challenge or gratification and reward to various activities.

Gaming tricks and elements such as badges and points, status/level achievements, and virtual currency rewards are being utilized in scenarios ranging from cafes and restaurants, to utilities, households, workplaces and even exercise and weight loss ventures.

As a recent article in the New York Times points out: “at a time when games are becoming ever more realistic, reality is becoming more gamelike.”

Oh, and if simply reading the said article is not quite stimulating enough for you then you can also opt for exploring the article by playing along as a game.
That’s right…BONUS!!

Check out the online article here:  All the World’s a Game, and Business Is a Player.

I think it’s interesting that there is reference to the job/role of “gamification consultant” which I’m thinking is a relatively modern term.  I also didn’t expect the connection of making activities into games to better engage children as a “homeopathic remedy.”

Okay, now excuse me as I go claim some reward points for wrapping up this blog post…