How would you like your pizza?


What will we think of next?  A vending machine has been created that takes 2.5 minutes to  mix and knead pizza dough, squirt some tomato sauce on it, cover it with cheese and other toppings, and then heats it in an infrared oven.

This is ordering and getting pizza fast the robotic way with no contact with a human being!

Check out this link and video: Pizza-Making Vending Machine

Or how about one-touch pizza ordering via a fridge magnet?
This VIP Fridge Magnet (a pizza box-shaped magnet) is connected to a pizza place (only in Dubai at this point).  It’s preset to order a pizza online and is connected to the Internet via the Bluetooth connection on a smartphone.

Here’s a whacky video about how it works:

What do you think of these developments?  Is innovation for such conveniences a good thing?

Or maybe you’re starting to get hungry…

For those lazy mornings? A bed that makes itself.

This may be handy for those lazy Sunday mornings.  A bed that makes itself (while we just watch?)!

Spanish furniture maker OHEA has an automated mechanical bed that will do your bed-making chore for you.


Check out this article and a video demo:

What will we think of next?  Perhaps a mechanism to floss our teeth while we’re asleep.
I think it would be rather freaky if the bed’s safety device and settings malfunctioned and started making itself in the middle of the night with folks in it!

Would you get something like this?
Slowly but surely, we’re minimizing all physical labour and moving for day-to-day activities.

Livin’ la vida automatic!


A student’s whacky experiment in automated dorm living.
It’s called the B.R.A.D. (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm).

This goes beyond clapping to turn off the lights folks.  This is Derek Low’s dorm room at the University of California at Berkeley.  He’s transformed the room with motion sensors, remote switches and apps to manage his room’s settings.

Now, did he spend a bunch of time putting this all together instead of studying and doing his homework? Ha!

The romantic mode setting and emergency party mode setting are hilarious!