The Old Fashioned Way

Here’s an amusing picture circulated online showing the use of an old fashioned search engine…also known as looking up information at a library

prehistoric googlingIt was information at our fingertips but not all the information and not so instant.

Though I guess we were less likely to self-diagnose our own health ailments and symptoms by key word searches back then!  Plus, looking up more risque material would have involved more steps.

Ho Ho Hashtag…Santa In The Digital Era

It’s that time of year when many families and folks start planning for the holiday season…and for a lot of folks, that means taking part in the whole “tradition” of planning for Santa Claus.  Did you know that even Santa is embracing the digital era and jumping on the bandwagon (or sleigh?) of social media and connected convenience?

Here’s a picture of a sign I saw last year in a mall.  Yep, Skype with Santa!

Back in the day, we had to put pen to paper and actually write to Santa!

If you want more proof that Santa and his helpers are completely well-versed in the world of social media and modern tech (from Facebook to Flickr to Twitter), check out this article published prior to this weekend’s Santa Claus Parade in Toronto:  Santa Claus Parade joins the digital revolution.

So would one still leave milk and cookies out for Santa…or would you just post on Pinterest?


How would you like your pizza?


What will we think of next?  A vending machine has been created that takes 2.5 minutes to  mix and knead pizza dough, squirt some tomato sauce on it, cover it with cheese and other toppings, and then heats it in an infrared oven.

This is ordering and getting pizza fast the robotic way with no contact with a human being!

Check out this link and video: Pizza-Making Vending Machine

Or how about one-touch pizza ordering via a fridge magnet?
This VIP Fridge Magnet (a pizza box-shaped magnet) is connected to a pizza place (only in Dubai at this point).  It’s preset to order a pizza online and is connected to the Internet via the Bluetooth connection on a smartphone.

Here’s a whacky video about how it works:

What do you think of these developments?  Is innovation for such conveniences a good thing?

Or maybe you’re starting to get hungry…

Does Text Trump Talk & Conversation?

Here’s an article that I’m sure will resonate with many people.

It asks if texting is ruining the art of conversation:

Texting certainly is handy but I do admit that personally I think it’s a little too much if people are texting each other in the same household or if they’re in close proximity when they can just  talk or dialogue…the old fashioned way!   Although you’ll have to show emotion and expressions instead of using emoticons.  😀

Plus of course there’s the matter of setting boundaries so everyone around the dinner table isn’t just looking at their phones and texting away!  (I am sounding so old fashioned in the etiquette department!)

I saw this picture posted/circulated on Facebook not too long ago:

A parting thought…

And in just a few short years, parents everywhere will be complaining to their children who are away at college or wherever, “You never text me anymore!”

Our Google Brains?

Is the internet indeed ruining our brains? Check out this interesting piece and infographic from Mashable.  An insightful, kind of amusing (but sort of sad), and definitely poignant look at our electronic and online multi-tasking practices today.

I have to say that I do tend to have 3 or 4 tabs open these days…and yup, I’m guilty of instant googling to find info quickly rather than sifting through my memory cells.

Lately I’m doing that just to pin point the name of a movie!
Here’s the link: