Mass reactions to documented bullying shared online

You may have already seen or heard about this vicious bullying incident (it must be more than a single incident). ¬†While we know that the internet and social media are often used for targeting behaviour and cyberbullying, here’s a scenario where the internet and social media were used to quickly publicize and draw attention to the bullying of a¬†hearing-impaired grandmother (a school bus monitor) by several young people.

I’m not sure that the internet “saved” the bullied bus monitor as the article headline states but it certainly rallied for a mass public reaction (and outrage) against verbal abuse, psychological harassment, and disturbing, unacceptable behaviour.

More innovative and strategic initiatives using the internet and social media to prevent bullying and harassment would be great so it’s not so much having to react to awful incidents like this.

Here’s another link to a more detailed article: