More food for thought…

Here’s an article from Mother Earth News to help us continue to think about the destructive aspects of the industrial system as a source of our food and produce and to act on supporting better food security at home and globally.

The piece encourages folks to disconnect from mass agricultural and food production practices and grow food in our own plots.

If we can’t grow our own food for some reason, alternatively we can support local farmers’ markets, food security groups and networks.

Also…there’s something about looking at colourful fruit, vegetables and local harvest that does encourage one to focus on healthiness, nutrition, and sustainable growers.

Urban gardening on the edge

Here’s an article about creative use of window space to garden for those who have no balcony or access to a gardening plot.

This crafty design turns a window into a personal garden site.  The shutter moves like a drawbridge with cords allowing plants access to the sun and can be pulled back during the night to bring the plants back inside.  This is container gardening with an edge–or should I say near a ledge?

Check out the article and photos here:

Just make sure the contraption is secure or pedestrians below might not be too happy!

For those lazy mornings? A bed that makes itself.

This may be handy for those lazy Sunday mornings.  A bed that makes itself (while we just watch?)!

Spanish furniture maker OHEA has an automated mechanical bed that will do your bed-making chore for you.


Check out this article and a video demo:

What will we think of next?  Perhaps a mechanism to floss our teeth while we’re asleep.
I think it would be rather freaky if the bed’s safety device and settings malfunctioned and started making itself in the middle of the night with folks in it!

Would you get something like this?
Slowly but surely, we’re minimizing all physical labour and moving for day-to-day activities.