This blog surveys and reflects on our world of convenience—on our penchant for the instant, speedy, compact, handy, wireless, etc. It examines (and deconstructs) the way we live.

The site will cover different ground ranging from the practical/useful, and inventive (looking at the advancement of technology and capabilities of new designs or developments) to the sometimes downright amusing, silly or even absurd.

It will also address ramifications of our (individual and collective) convenient lifestyles—repercussions on our health, social lives, environment and ecology.

There’s also the Slow Dance/Flip Side: a spot on the blog about balance, taking pause, mindfulness and exercising our free will to set boundaries and step back despite our culture of convenience and hurried handiness.

I originally conceived of the idea back in 1999 or so to put out a book to be titled:  Less Time, Less Effort:  Reflecting on Our Culture of Convenience.  I wanted it to be a book with writing and commentary but also with lots of pictures—a cultural/sociological coffee book of sorts!  However, despite having gathered various material and jotting down a bunch of notes, I shelved the material and idea for quite a while as it dawned on me that the examples provided and content of the book would be rather out-of-date by the time I completed the book and managed to get it published.

I recently revived my interest in tackling this subject matter as it’s definitely still very relevant.  I also realized online blogging would be a great way to present material—not only can I post and feature things that are current, there’s also no shortage of material/content out there to share!

Think of me as a cultural investigator and participant in the world of convenience!

Elaine Munro

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