Modern Communication and…Castration?!

With our need for speed, convenience, and labour-saving devices, I guess interpersonal communication isn’t quite what it used to be.  Yep, it can be quicker, abbreviated, and can generate humour with auto-correct gone wrong.  At the same time, human communication and interaction seems quite different now. Let’s have a look at (and listen to) two interesting media sources that shared interesting content on this topic.

UntitledHuffington Post recently posted a piece that demonstrates what happens when two popular digital voices (Siri and Google Voice) speak to each other.  Artist Michael Silber tested the two applications “talking” to each other and the result is something like the broken telephone game (complete with the reference to human-computer interaction being prone to castration).


The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio recently broadcasted a cheeky sketch piece called “Cyberdisk” which creatively envisions the future of smart phones.  Check out the innovative and inventive new developments cited and how groundbreaking this Cyberdisk is!  It’s amazing! I simply must adopt this device….I particularly like the idea of the e-cord!

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