Focus and mindfulness (amid the hustle and bustle)

As we start a new week, I thought it would be fitting to share some interesting pieces to do with focusing and also mindfulness.

Amid the hustle and bustle around us and so many activities and things that seemingly call for our attention, one really has to proactively focus on focusing!  Even with tools that make things more convenient and speedy, it’s not easy maintaining focus. I came across a great mind map diagram (by Learning Fundamentals) that could be used as a guide:
How To Focus In The Age of Distraction.

There’s also some helpful info about mindfulness provided online by The Greater Good Science Center.  Check out why practicing mindfulness is important and how to cultivate mindfulness.

Lastly, for an amusing look at what happens when we aren’t all that focused and give in to distraction, here’s a video by Lev Yilmaz on procrastination:

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