Poignant Video…”Five Extra Years”

Check out this interesting/innovative video by Designed To Move:

Physical activity in daily life has dropped quite a lot in past years.  Technology, electronics, and machines have become huge parts of our daily living–every hour of our days.  What are the consequences and ramifications of this?

The focus and setting for children’s play have changed over the years.  How children commute to and from school or activities have changed.  The amount of time spent sitting and hovering over our computers or other such devices has increased dramatically.

As the Designed to Move website reports:  physical inactivity is a cycle and has compounding costs over a lifetime.

What are two actions to change these concerning trends?

  1. Create early positive experiences for children (where they are playing actively and having fun). 
  2. Integrate physical activity into everyday life.  So move instead of falling for easy sedentary convenience.

Get more info and data on this topic at:  http://www.designedtomove.org/

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