(Fast) Food for Thought

Interested in recommendations from fast food industry workers (of Reddit) on what menu items to avoid…or to consume with caution?  Are we too quick to grab our fast food without thinking about how it’s stored, prepared, processed, handled, and served?

Check out the info via this link:


Here’s another article about fast food; ironically, fast food chains provide not-so-healthy dining in hospital cafeterias:


I remember reading how Statistics Canada indicated that obesity rates are up for all ages (and particularly for teens aged 12 to 17) and yet during a visit to my local medical clinic, I would notice how abundant junk food snacks and fat, sugary, salt-laden processed food were via the vending machines.  This was several years ago; I should check if anything has changed lately.

Instead of supporting and promoting our culture of convenience, we need to stop and think about what we are doing.  In the long run, wouldn’t it be better if our choices and funds went toward building healthier bodies and lives rather than for saving time and boosting profit-driven enterprise?

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