Does Text Trump Talk & Conversation?

Here’s an article that I’m sure will resonate with many people.

It asks if texting is ruining the art of conversation:

Texting certainly is handy but I do admit that personally I think it’s a little too much if people are texting each other in the same household or if they’re in close proximity when they can just  talk or dialogue…the old fashioned way!   Although you’ll have to show emotion and expressions instead of using emoticons.  😀

Plus of course there’s the matter of setting boundaries so everyone around the dinner table isn’t just looking at their phones and texting away!  (I am sounding so old fashioned in the etiquette department!)

I saw this picture posted/circulated on Facebook not too long ago:

A parting thought…

And in just a few short years, parents everywhere will be complaining to their children who are away at college or wherever, “You never text me anymore!”

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